Keats School

Rasssul (36 posts) • +2

By the way, the school is going to raise the tuition next year. If you manage to pay before the new year, the price would stay the same. It is going to be 5000rmb

kc430 (34 posts) • +3

In the last year Keats has stopped providing toilet paper in their bathrooms, sometimes soap as well. So, BYOTP. They have also cleaned house of leadership, staff and teachers. Penny pinching probly by the long term owner(s). That said, their teachers are excellent in my experience and that of other students I speak with. I give the school a high recommendation.

Liumingke1234 (2789 posts) • 0

More often than not when a company or school gets well know and popular they neglect the little things that made them successful. When I first when there in 2006, they had only been in business for a few years. Greed is the downfall of many a business. Keats was the fews schools back in 2006. Now you have several that often better services and prices. Don't forget your roots!

Dazzer (2588 posts) • +2

i had a employer cut back and stop providing toilet paper and making us sign for every photocopy we made. bought my own tp, didn't fill in the form for photocopy unless office manager was there, never abused photocopy either, did not renew my contract either. what goes around comes around

Liumingke1234 (2789 posts) • 0

I can't offer anything. You should have No problem with Keats. My experience was Excellent back in 2006. Just Enjoy the ride.

DiggySmalls (6 posts) • 0

I was actually thinking of checking out Keats to possibly switch from Huayang if they were better. No TP? that cannot be real can it? one thing I like about Huayang is the toilets are always very clean and I don't gag when I've to take a pee or wash my hands.

Do Keats have January class in between semesters? Huayang have 60 hour HSK 4 prep for 2000 starting january 8 I think which seems to be a good deal although I don't know if I am at that level yet.

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