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Food magazine article

crazy.laowai (242 posts) • 0

I wnt to pitch a restaurant review to a Western food magazine. Which KM restaurant do you think best exemplifies Yunnan cuisine, or is interesting or unique? Thanks.

123go (145 posts) • 0

Until now I still don't know what can exactly be called "Yunnan cuisine". Mushrooms? Oil dishes? Don't know. But maybe I can give u one here:

Kunming: it called "老房子"(the old house),locates on the opposite of 王府井wangfujing area, behind the Bank of China building, walks 50m to the north. It's a yard and true old house. Actually I'm not sure is it yunnan food or sichuan food.

If u in beijing now and live next to zhongguancun(中关村)area or (西直门), have you tried the yunnan restaurant in (魏公村), if u know Beijing Foreign Studies University, you probably have known this resturant. most of friends like it, and most people who want to try yunnan food in Beijing would like to go there.It Looks the food provided by this restaurant have a good reputation. Maybe just because tastes different from the peking cuisine? If you go between 17:00-19:00, first you may have to get a number and then you need to wait for your turn(1 hour or less:), cause there are so many people waiting for the table. But durning this time you can have a tour in the campus.

Georgia (18 posts) • 0

There are many good restaurants that would make interesting articles, but it would depend on what magazine you're planning on pitching.

crazy.laowai (242 posts) • 0

Yes But they keep an online version. Thanks for recommendation!

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