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Man City Vs Man United 30th April.

nagerz (2 posts) • 0

I'm in Kunming when this game is on. Had a hell of a job last year finding anywhere that showed EPL games last year due to the TV deal there.

Since this season started I heard that although Wintv had renewed their contract, CCTV showed 2 games a weekend in the new deal.

Does anyone know if this game will be shown on CCTV? If not where could I possibly watch the match at 3a.m?

I know O'Reilly's show the English football but as it's at 3am (Monday night/Tuesday morning) I'm not sure they'll stay open.

Any info/advice would be appreciated.


jpreezey (23 posts) • 0

You should at least ask the guys at O'Reilly's if they would be willing to stay open if enough people are going to go. I mean tuesday is Labor Day so everyone should have that day off of work which means that people would probably be more willing to go. I will go if they are open.

nagerz (2 posts) • 0

@jpreezey, I'll arrive in Kunming Friday, I'll try and pop in there for the Chelsea Vs QPR match Sunday and see if they are willing to open. I've searched the CCTV website for hours with my Chinese gf and can't find any information. If you go in before, see if you can drum up any interest in the game... Hopefully see you there!

Tim Verplancke (28 posts) • 0

Hi Guys,

Been talking to quite a few people and we'll definitely stay open for the decisive game of the year!
See y'all at the Pub :)

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