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Restaurants you 'love to hate'

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

1 you live in the backwaters of china, what do you expect? the best western food with imported ingredients for a lower price? go try mixian and chao cai or go back the place you came from.

2 is it me or is billdan in his enormous rant continually contradicting himself? or is that extreme sarcasm that is lost on me? anyway, your rant was harder for me to get through than one of the delicious pizzas I've had at Barbara's and the box.

3 when it comes to pizza's, Americans and Europeans never agree. I hate papa Joe's even though Americans squirm when it's even just mentioned. Ok, duck for the shitstorm.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

A thought or two on price.

I have just come back to Europe after a few years away.
Jesus! have prices for commodities gone up. If you have not been home for a few years, you will be shocked at how much prices have increased, generally.

The only stable prices are in cheap take out food, mostly due to the influx of cheap illegal labor, and the use of factory produced frozen pizza bases. The quality of this fast food is very low and prices are still higher than China. A 'real pizza' will cost a lot more.

Prices at the supermarket have also shot up, for example a loaf of bread in the supermarket can cost more than Wicker Basket's offering.

The other thing to consider is relative costs. If you eat in a decent Chinese restaurant (that has not kept is prices down by dubious means) the price of a meal can often be at least as expensive as eating western now, by the time you have thrown in the extras. Whereas five years ago a Chinese meal was a fraction of the price of western food.

Natsymir (101 posts) • 0

fair enough, but the whole point with the blog I linked to above is basically to prove that the "most decent" (ok, make that "the best"...) chinese restaurants are the very same ones that have kept their prices down... it's very possible to have good food in Kunming for next to nothing. And Slice of Heaven's half-price pizza fridays are a great opportunity to get particular western food cravings (i.e; pizza) satisfied very cheaply.

flengs (108 posts) • 0

Billdan, excuse me for using a "gay term", I just watched a southpark episode and I quoted Cartman calling Kyle a Negative Nancy. What I mean is that you are continuing to make a fool out of yourself ranting on about the quality of western food in China. We are in China, so the local (southwestern) Chinese food will taste best. Western food will be of inferior quality because we are not in the west. If you are in Europe, you'll probably find western food tastes better and Chinese food will taste bad. Isn't that logical?

In China -> Good Chinese food, bad western food
In the west -> Good western food, bad Chinese food

1 + 1 = 2

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

Crappy food is crappy food wherever it is served and whatever it is called. But it is even crappier and more expensive here in Kunming. And actually I challenge your brilliant logical syllogism at the end of your post Flengs, because I find that the Chinese food in China sucks too! And I have yet to find any Beef and Broccoli in China that can compare to the same dish at Chinese restaurants back in Seattle. Can somebody explain to the "cooks" here that just because something came from somewhere in or on a cow that that does not necessarily make it BEEF!

And all that is moot anyway since I have now become vegetarian and tend to cook at home more. I have been driven to this by various dining experiences in the culinary capital of Yunnan. And trying to eat out here and be a vegetarian is another nightmare. When you say bu fang/jia rou (don't add meat) or wo bu chi rou (I don't eat meat) why is that so complicated? For some reason I keep getting ground meat in my soup and on my foods with the explanation that that is not "meat". Little pieces of meat is not really meat. WTF! They think of meat as a larger (though still rip off sized) piece of meat, a strip of it (that is usually just gristle or fat anyway). So now when I try to order non-spicy food with no meat it is a lot of fun to see what I am going to get.

But lets not forget... "Springtime City!"

zoober (4 posts) • 0

damn dude, you sound like a very unhappy person. kunming has some of china's best foods. such a shame you seemingly have not found any of it (or maybe just not open to any of it.) maybe if they open a panda express here you'll feel better.

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