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Shane English School - Is it a good place to work?

watermelon (7 posts) • 0

Hey everyone,

Does anybody have any information on the Shane English School here in Kunming. Is it a good school to work for? Do they treat the teachers well? Do they offer reasonable hours and pay? If you have any experience with the Shane please share! Any information would be appreciated!


Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

I met someone who mentioned that there is a high turnover there. Do a google search to see if anything comes up.

weekapaughead (51 posts) • 0

I had a job with them and was about to come over here to work. Once they sent me the contract I backed out.

I came here and found another job. I work half the amount of hours they wanted me to work and make twice as much money they were offering.

Giraffe25 (2 posts) • 0

If you are looking for a working visa then Shane English school offers a pretty standard package compared to most other private language schools in Kunming. The recent pay rise there means that the pay is pretty competitive and hours similar to any other private language school when working full time. I've spoken to teachers there and some have gripes with management decisions, and some don't. A pretty standard workplace, not somewhere that is going to win employer of the year, but then again not a disaster area either. Around 50% of the teachers sign a second year contract, among 20 foreign staff.

If you want to earn more money you can do like weekapaughead says come to Kunming, find part time work. I've heard of people getting pretty decent salary with similar hours, usually working at between 120/hr and 150/hr and clocking in around 9500. That's minus benefits (flight bonus, end of contract bonus, insurance) and almost always not on a working visa. But I have never heard of anyone in Kunming having trouble or getting kicked out for doing this.

sean1sean1 (80 posts) • 0

I worked for Shane for almost two years and I honestly can generally only say good things about the place. I auctually left to take a higher position in one of the schools Weekapaugh mentioned, but Shane is a great school to get experience particurally if you like working with kids. (which I did) Pay is reasonable, hours are too. I did it and I still dont regret it.

garyclark (4 posts) • 0

Having worked there for seven years, I feel that I have something to offer on this. I would agree with giraffe 25. It is never going to win employer of the year, but then again you are working for a Franchise English School in China - what do you expect. However, it is by no means a disaster area where the boss is deliberately out to rip you off or mess you around.

I was DOS for 3 years, and I can say, hand on heart, that everyone got paid on time, were paid what was agreed and their visas were up to date and legitimate.

Of course you can get more going freelance, but you trade slightly higher fees for losing fringe benefits like holidays, health insurance and bonuses. Also you don't have to go looking for students.

Of course it's a business, and some business decisions will always take precedent over academic issues, which is hard to understand sometimes.yet I would challenge anyone to give an example of a school in any sector that isn't concerned about money/business in some respect.

And finally I would like to say that the teaching staff at Shane are without doubt the bet set of teachers and people in the City, and despite moving on - Like Sean I still have a lot of love for the school and staff. Ok the place is not 100% heaven, but trust me you could do a lot, lot worse.

Wen Tao (6 posts) • 0

Shane provides you with a good deal of security if your coming to Kunming for the first time. Chinese staff will help you find accomodation and set you up with a loan to pay the sometimes difficult ask of half a year's rent upfront in Kunming. There is an atmosphere of community amongst the foreign teachers that is better than most schools. If you want to study Chinese language the working hours allow you plenty of room but weekends are solid. I have signed a second year contract and have definately had worse jobs.

OceanOcean (1180 posts) • 0

I'm going to put in a good word for Robert's School. I've worked there for 6 years alongside an excellent team of foreign teachers, most of whom have been at school for many years and some of whom joined us from Shane School. Great atmosphere, legit visas, competitive salaries and flexible working conditions.

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