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My Chinese Student needs activities outside school!

WCole (4 posts) • 0

Hello all,

I teach English here in Kunming and I have a Chinese student who wants to go overseas to study at an American University. Right now he is very young, about 15 years old so he has some time but is very serious in taking the necessary steps now to get there.

One of the things he mentioned (and I confirmed) is that he should get involved in extra activities like volunteering, sports, or other organizational things because many Universities like it when students have done extra activities outside of school.

He said that he wants to get involved in other activities here in Kunming but he doesn't know where to start. He likes to do volunteer work, he loves music and wants to always improve his english. I suggested to him English Corner, but other than that, I don't know what other activities may be out there for someone his age and where (preferably on the weekends is best and also as cheap as is best!). If you know of any opportunities open to a bright young man like him, please post and help us out! Thanks!

tigertiger - moderator (5083 posts) • 0

There are a number of local NGOs and voluntary activities in Kunming. Don't restrict yourselves to English speaking activities. The universities looking for extracurricular activities want to see rounded people, extra English experience is not required, and might look a little non-altruistic.

WCole (4 posts) • 0

Yes, I agree most definitely. English is just one of his interests listed but by no means do we want to restrict ourselves to just that. Do you have any contacts or names of any NGOs we can contact? I am new here myself so I don't really know.

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