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In the weekend of the 30th and 31st of March there will be a Music Festival at Pu Zhe Hei. Apparently this is a super beautiful place and some even compare it too Yang Shuo.

There will be a lot of bands from Kunming both Chinese and Foreign. Like Ma yuan shi ren, Chou pi nan, Warhorse, Yankadi and Sea Loving Mammals. 6 DJ's are also on the list.

Because the information hasn't made it to the community yet I will post a link to our Douban band page and if people are interested to know more just have a look.



Anybody who wants to know more about the bands, dj's or any other festival related information just react on this thread and hopefully all the pieces will fall into place.

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Following Eddy's introduction to the event, we can provide details and useful info (as much as we can, since we're not the organizers) about the organization and schedule of Music Festival that we couldn't write on our poster for lacking of space.

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Transfers. We will arrange suitable bus number in light of the number of people who bought the all inclusive ticket. Buses will leave from Laba (昆明氧气厂前行30米金鼎山北路, Kūnmíng yǎngqì chǎng qián xíng 30 mǐ jīn dǐng shānběi lù; To get to The Laba you need to take bus n°1 or bus n°83 and get off at 金鼎园 stop) to Puzhehei on Friday march 30th at 9 am and will leave to Kunming on Sunday april 1st in late afternoon (hangover permitting)

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I've never been there before,i'd like to stay there for few days,anyone knows how to book the room and i need to know more details about the event.
also what kind of DJ is it???no pussy Trance,PLZ!!

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Hi the beargirl


On puzhe hei there are a lot of comfortable and cheap hotels. we was providing the all inclusive ticket (transport, accomodation, festival and guide) but the deadline was today. anyway there are two more solution

We can help you to find in advantage an hotel by calling

Xiaolu (chinese):13669797845

Luca (English): 136 1967 8401

the second is camping.

If you buy the 100 yuan ticket (which is valid only for the two days festival), where are you gonna sleep? Under a brigde? No, under a star sky!! If you bring your own tent (and, as someone said, bring your friend), there is a free camping area you can use at your leisure.

for further info, contact us: movidakm@live.com

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The Dj's are from electronic to house, from psychedelic to ambient.. in the festival you can listen all the different kind of music as possible :-)

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If you buy the 100 yuan (valid for 2 days entry to Music Festival)

you can also get:

- transfer (Friday 30th, 9am, from Laba)

- accomodation (two nights in a two beds room, possibility to choose your rommate)
- food (one meal per day)

by adding 50 yuan extra before jumping on the bus to Puzhehei on Friday morning.

To enjoy this special offer you need to contact us (Luca: 18687804751 or movidakm@live.com) and leave us:
mobile number and participants names.

This offer is valid only for the first 70 persons that buy the 100 yuan tickets and contact us, by march 28th!!
Seize the day!!

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