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Spa & Resort in Kunming !?

alexk1 (4 posts) • 0

Does anyone heard or been to some high-class spa & resort sites in or around Kunming ?

I know about Sianchi Garden Spa, about DianChi spa resort and about Yijing garden Resort & spa Hotel... all in 滇池路 DianChi Lu.

I would like to findout about more high class spa's in the city, especially in The CuiHu 翠湖 area, or at at the north of Kunming (i'm talking about BeiChen DaDao 北辰大道 area or northern)

Thanks for the info :)


britabroad (4 posts) • 0

Hey Alex,

May be a little far from you but the Hu Quan hotel in Mile, around 2 hours south of Kunming offers golf, spa (may not be finished yet), hot springs and four hotels and 3 restaurants around a nature lake, the website is www.huquanhotel.com/

EncryptedEncrypted (114 posts) • 0

Not long ago I went to the "Hot Spring Town" outside Kunming. By car from the city center is around 1h:30/2h.

The place is really nice and big. If you don't go on weekends you probably won't find a lot of people. But still, the place is very big so you will find place to relax for sure.

I have many pictures of the place. If you want to see them, tell me. Here I uploaded one so you have an idea: skitch.com/encrypted/8j4xe/img-0218

I can't tell you the address right now. But I'll ask it if you want it.

alexk1 (4 posts) • 0

thanks guys!

i heard about the "hot springs town", if you can find out about the address it would be great

anyone else about spa in the north\center of Kunming?

angelcrazy2 (15 posts) • 0

In the north:
1. Jin Lan Shui Xie on Bei Chen zhong Lu in north city.

2. Lan Bo Wan at the junction of Beijin extention Road and Bei Chen Da Dao.

3. Shui Yi Tian Xia on Beiyun Road (not far from Carrfore supermarket). It's a very big one.
4. Shi Shang Qing Quan on Beijing Road(not far from the tunnel of the north railway station).

Outside Kunming:
1. BaiLian spa centre in Yangzhonghai.
2. Jin Fan Spa of Japanese stype in Hot Spring Town, over 1 hour away from kunming. (If you need my car service, please contact [email protected])
Because of the serious drought in Kunming, some spa centres may be closed or their business hours are cut down.

EncryptedEncrypted (114 posts) • 0

Address for the "Hot spring town"


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