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Kunming highlights in May

peter7 (29 posts) • 0

Before we make our (rental car/driver) roundtrip (3 weeks) from Yuanyang to Kali and what ever is of interest between it, we are thinking of adding a few days to a week sightseeing Kunming daily highlights

We were thinking of renting this fancy electric two wheelers to see some local markets and anything from the Irish pub with the bleedin muppets to have a decent cup of coffee in the highlands? coffee shop.

Has any one suggestions what to do in Kunming town? we don't mind to take it easy, and just see some local backyards on the bike, or have a nice meal in kind of great Sischuan restaurant

Any interesting modern art must see places? local markets, backstreets, art gallery's, parks? all suggestions welcome

we are two close to sixties and just passed sixties do it your self travellers
who are kind of allergic of guides (no offence it is just not something for us)

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