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CAR PLUS DRiver for 3 weeks

peter7 (29 posts) • 0

We want to travel in the beginning of the month of Mai (between 8 and 15) from Kunming to Yuanyang coming back past the redlands between Dali and Kunming than Guiyang and surroundings back to Kunming or depending on the festivals in Kali the other way around. Route can change

Total duration about 3 weeks, we are looking for a car including driver, English not necessary but a few words are helpful, depending on the type of car we want to pay between 400 and 650 RMB including all cost (excluding toll roads) of driver, petrol etc. in average the distances will not be more than 1,000 km a week there will be many days we would not need the car or only for short distances, it's for 2 people with 2 small suitcases WE DON'T NEED A GUIDE ONLY CAR PLUS DRIVER

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

Try John's car service. His contact details are listed on this website. John Xie speaks great English and has about 4 cars available for use. He can just act as a driver and not a guide - he charges 450RMB a day, however petrol and tolls are extra.

peter7 (29 posts) • 0

Yes we also find him on this website, after I placed this forum request, his price and type of car he offered were right for us, so we had booked the car with John for that period without looking further for alternatives

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

peter 7

I also recommend John Xie, he is organized and plans ahead within your schedule and requests.

Have fun.......

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