Hong Kong visas for Chinese

JanJal (697 posts) • 0

Well, my wife's initial reaction to this trouble was to wonder why the British had to return HK to PRC at all.

It would have been easier for her to visit there with Chinese passport, which is more readily available to rural residents than the entry/exit permit.

debaser (620 posts) • 0

Another option used to be to enter via the Lowu border crossing (Shenzhen). I wonder if that has changed too?! Zhuhai/Macau was also possible in theory but even back then I was told that 'it might not be as easy'.

blobbles (957 posts) • +1

We are living outside China now. When we return to visit we actively have to avoid Hong Kong as the Chinese Embassy in our country apparently cannot process a Hong Kong entry visa for Chinese citizens from outside the main cities. So it doesn't get any better if you try to visit Hong Kong from overseas.

JanJal (697 posts) • 0

@Blobbles: "the Chinese Embassy in our country apparently cannot process a Hong Kong entry visa for Chinese citizens from outside the main cities"

I was under the impression, that mainland citizens can transit to/from Hong Kong with their Chinese passports, without needing the entry/exit permit.

"Holders of People’s Republic of China (PRC) passports who are in transit through Hong Kong to and from another country or territory may be granted a stay of seven days on each landing without the prior need to obtain an entry permit provided that normal immigration requirements are met, including possession of valid entry facilities for the destination and confirmed onward booking for the overseas journey."

Source: HK Immigration Department (www.immd.gov.hk/[...]

So what you could do, AFAIK, is fly from abroad to HK, and then transit to Kunming or elsewhere in mainland China.

Even if you transit to mainland, and then take the same return route, the return transit in HK would count as separate landing, so HK immigration would be fine.

tigertiger (4827 posts) • +1

@Janjal. One thing I have learned in China is not to assume. There can be variation in the understanding of and

application of rules.

Also, looking at the wording that you cut and pasted, ...MAY be granted..., not ...will be granted...

The other thing to remember is that people from larger cities are granted privileges (including travel) that other Hukou holders are not.

blobbles (957 posts) • 0

@JanJal - you probably can. But we don't want to risk that you cannot or that someone in the airline you board in the foreign country (Chinese airline) says "you cannot board the plane, because you cannot legally enter Hong Kong" even if you are in transit only. Or some official in Hong Kong doesn't quite know the rules (or is being obtuse).

As Tiger says - never assume. I think we will keep avoiding Hong Kong until all PRC citizens have free entry.

Ishmael (186 posts) • 0

@tiger: Your last comment, yes - rural and urban citizens of the PRC do not have the same rights, true in many ways.

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