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Anyone in Chenggong?

Archanbodus (7 posts) • 0

I will be in Chenggong for 3 weeks, visiting the Institute of Sci and Tech

Does anyone live there?

I am looking for a Chinese language school, where I could study when not working.

How easy is it to travel to Kunming centre from Chenggong?

I am a French national, bilingual French/English. Feel free to be in touch to meet up, speak English or French, and in exchange introduce me to China and Kunming. Would be delighted to meet you.

Gloryhand (2 posts) • 0

Chenggong is about 24k.m away from Kunming centre,if you choose to take a taxi it may cost you about 50RMB and nearly 50 min(good traffic).
If you'd like to take a bus,you have to go to caiyunnanlu station(彩云南路站)in chenggong and then take the No.170 special line(bus)to Kunming,this may cost you few money and longer time(about 1 hour and 30 min).
If you have more question about Kunming you can contact me.

Archanbodus (7 posts) • 0

Is there anyhting in chenggong?

Shops? Restaurants? Swimming pool? Launderette?

I am really looking for a language school...is there such a thing?

Ian_Kunming (126 posts) • 0

I work at LiGongDa, Chenggong is big - the northern part is alright, while the uni area is still pretty empty and sparsely populated. Bus 170 will take you to the city in an hour, but only till 7:30. My advice is find a place in the city to stay and commute...

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

You can also catch a free ride from the universities that have campuses both in the city and at Chenggong. They do shuttle services multiple times daily (between their Chenggong campuses and their city based ones, which are all quite centrally located around 121 street) - just pretend you are doing business or work there, nobody will ask you or prevent you from boarding their services.

Then again, seeing you will be visiting Sci&Tech, maybe they offer such a bus service anyway. It might be worth staying in the city and commuting using the bus service offered by that university to get to Chenggong, rather than the other way round as Ian_Kunming has suggested.

Archanbodus (7 posts) • 0

Oh good...so the place is not entirely dead!

Does anyone in this forum actually live in chenggong?

I am rather mystified by the lack of response form people saying...yes, i live there! Lol

peter (5 posts) • 0

I work and live in Chenggong for the past 1 1/2 years at the Howard Johnson Hotel, which is located next to the new Government buildings.
In this area there is obviously the hotel with its facilities as well as few independent chinese restaurants, pharmacy, nike shop and all the major banks.
There are two apartment complexes which are located close to the hotel and they also have restaurants and some small shops for groceries and daily household items.

Hope this helps.

Archanbodus (7 posts) • 0

Yes, it does...many thanks...glad to see signs of life...have you spotted any form of language school for foreigners?...that wld save me having to trek into town every day

Archanbodus (7 posts) • 0

Well... I am here...thanks to all who have given me pointers.

Chenggong is quite pleasant...much breezier than Kunming, and with all one needs to live!

Plenty of very young students about, one wonders what happened to their older relatives.

Am on campus at Kunming Sci and Tech Uni for 2 weeks, and it is very nice.

Shame the 170 bus is always crowded, and crawls along to go to Kunming.

But all in all, it is rather nice. But it is not Kunming, so if you like a nice night life, that will be hard to find.

For those who like me need a good internet connection, I recommend a nice cafe opposite the entrance to the Kunming Uni of Science and Technology, free wifi, sort of European food with many Asian dishes, and free buffet of cakes, fruits and fruit juices. I wish I could read the name, but cannot...number is 8875079...their wifi is excellent, nice comfy sofas, and one can use the wifi all day long sipping tea...which makes for a perfect office away from home.

If anyone is in Chenggong, speaks english, french, german or spanish and wants to meet up...make a sign.

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