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Hello I wonder if anyone could help me. I'm coming to Kunming to study Chinese at the university there. So I will be staying in the uni accommodation but I have a small problem the only flight I was able to get on the day I wanted to come in arrives in Kunming at 2 am and I cannot register at the uni accommodation until 9am, so could anyone please recommend some relatively cheap place for me to stay that night that would allow me to check in after 2 am. Thanks heaps for any advice.

tigertiger - moderator (5089 posts) • 0

Camelia hotel and hostel, on Dong Feng Dong Lu. This is also on the airport side of town.

Not sure about the hostel, but if you pre-book the hotel and tell them you will be arriving in the middle of the night they usually help.
But you must ask when booking.
Last time I stayed there the basic rooms were about 200rmb including breakfast. You can also ask for a late checkout time.

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Check out the link below and look at the map (near Yunnan Univ. & Yunnan Normal Univ.) guesthouse info & rates to see if they suit your needs:


BTW, the Lost Garden Guesthouse location is a bit far from the airport and you will have to find your way there somehow. Once in the area, finding the restaurant-guesthouse (adjacent to a kindergarten) will also be a bit of a challenge because it is somewhat "hidden" in a series of "alleys". I'd suggest that you take down the phone numbers, (both the land line & cellphone) and call them in advance to get detailed directions.

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