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Hotmail hijacked WTF?

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

I would suspect it was an DNS problem. Try manually changing your DNS to Google's, either case, hotmail looks like its working fine for me now.

aiyaryarr (122 posts) • 0

No, it's not malware. I also had problems, not only wih Hotmail but also MSN dot com, using Firefox and IE. Just minutes ago (around 15:00) I am able to access Hotmail & MSN again. But MSN dot com has completely changed it's main page format with some items noted as "tech difficulties". So, I think it's MSN's poor planning that's screwing up while trying to update their sh*t.

AlPage48 (1167 posts) • 0

No problem here. I tried it both with and without VPN.

I did have that problem once a few years back and it was a virus that did redirects. It wasn't caught by the virus scanner. I discovered it by doing a Google search about the page to which I was redirected.

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

That's not a virus, or a hijacked web page. It's just a DNS problem from China Telecom. In Chinese it says the web page does not exist, and instead of giving the normal error message it redirects you to their spam page.

I get the same page if I enter a web page that doesn't actually exist.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

As mentioned by @tonyaod & @ouyang - I also use google's DNS and have no hotmail connection probs. For info about google's DNS - google it. It's reliable and international (until china telecom figures out we're using it and disables or redirects that traffic to their DNS servers - but that would probably slam their servers and crash them - at which time we can rotate to other free DNS servers - caveat emptor).

AlPage48 (1167 posts) • 0

My router is configured with two alternate DNS servers which is probably why I'm not having a problem.

On a side note, we started getting to Facebook a few weeks back WITHOUT using the VPN. That hole seems to have been plugged now. Too bad!

kentcy23 (18 posts) • 0

go to then to will direct u to signing in.
i dont think its blocked, it may be some technical problem inside hotmail itself.
I went to internet cafe and i can enter by typing
but when i was back to my hotel,i cant open it with the hotel network

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