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Barking Monkeys in Kunming

bosnianXCII (36 posts) • 0

I live near Heyeshan Park off Xue Fu Lu road, and I think there's a herd of barking monkeys that comes down from the park at night. These aren't dogs because i hear them bark at the dogs. I live on the fourth floor and it sounds like its coming from the trees of the 3rd floor area, so it HAS to be monkeys. Can anyone verify the existence of these ferocious animals or have I eaten poisonous mushroom?

DAY DREAMER (24 posts) • 0

NNOBLE If you are going to be rude about local people then fuck off and go back to your own country.

If where you come from is so civilised why did you come here. LOSER

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Such eloquent language you use. What makes you assume I'm talking about local people. I could be living in a laowei community. First post for you? A little attempt at humour is totally out of place? Are you convinced this is not my country? Perhaps your second post could show a little self reflection and perhaps more moderate language.

bosnianXCII (36 posts) • 0

Well i'm very interested in exotic animals, almost unhealthily. So I guess my next question would be where could I buy a pet monkey? And does anyone know if you have to get them rabies shots or something to bring one back to America?

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

Haha...it's kind of true...it's not uncommon for people here to talk loudly or get visibly upset, usually with a service provider (e.g. at a restaurant or at a hotel). If only I could understand more Chinese (and especially the Yunnan dialect) because I just don't get it - what are these people upset about? While not everything is perfect here, I have never needed to raise my voice here; besides, it doesn't achieve anything anyway.

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