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Dear, friend:

I am the teacher responsible for the recruitment of the Kunming College of Eastern language and culture (KCEL), today, I have read the GOKUNMING comments, there is a situation surprised me: the statement I have written last Friday in this forum was removed, I do not know who can do this? Why he did this?

Now I tell you the truth again, nothing has changed in KCEL, now it will be able to be proved by all students who learn in here, the KCEL is still working to improve the quality of teaching, the teaching conditions, and as much as possible to meet the learning needs of students and friends, I believe that if you walked into the KCEL, everything will be proved as the unfounded rumors, facts are facts, if you came to the KCEL in the near future, there will be surprises waiting for you, by the way, the KCEL opening hours are: 8 22, we can be contacted at: 5358860, our website is:

www.learnchineseinkunming.com. This above all on the KCEL, we believe the facts than believe the rumors, come on, the KCEL will never let you down !

I am still here to remind everyone in good faith, to prevent those who take these rumors disguised price hikes, low-quality high schools in which to deceive the poor people, nothing have been changed in the KCEL! And in the network there are some people called: Fogdear, Geezer, these 2-3 peoples, why you still want to continue the endless attacks on the KCEL? What the KCEL has been done for you? And some words of you are very vulgar, obscene, thus is not like a quality person, I do not know the intention? By who directs? Chinese have a saying called "unjust is doomed to destruction," I advise these people to stop these silly slander, do not you know how many of these lies to deceive our student friends? If you really want to know the truth, you are welcome at any time, any way to the KCEL to make everything clear, as long as they truly will tell you a true KCEL!

Hope that this speech will not be removed anymore by those people with ulterior motives!

Thank you!

Geezer (1931 posts) • 0

Mr. Rumor

I called you and left a message. I gave you my name and mobile number. You have not returned my call.

Why not?

fogdear (99 posts) • 0

rumor, you're not making sense. it's confirmed. all north branch dongfang students know of the price increase. Dong Fang in the north is even calling students to tell them of the price change. i really think the best thing is that we call channel 6 news, and have the tv crew and reporter come to class when all the students arrive September 1. Instead of people like you, we can instead have the actual students who've had the actual experience talk directly to the reporters. Rumor, do you like this idea? I think it's time to tell the truth.

onlyone (156 posts) • 0

Excuse me Mr Rumor,Why you never mention in your statements the claim about increasing prices which said by your branch in the north !

Matthew (73 posts) • 0

GoKunming has not removed any posts by Rumor other than duplicates.

The post commencing "Hi, dear friend:" of August 19 appeared three times on the same thread. We removed two copies from that thread. It also appeared on another thread.

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