Wonders Of Yunnan Travel



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If you are interested in learning more about travel in Yunnan, visit my website at:


I set up this FREE website to help foreigners set up (DIY) Do-It-Yourself travel plans in Yunnan.

You will find all the scenic spots written in - English - Chinese - Pin Yin.

I love to travel and I have visited all the locations pictured in this website.

I am NOT a tour guide nor a businessman. I just offer this website as FREE information because it seems in this age of INFORMATION few people nowadays do anyhting out of kindness any more - just for money.

I hope this helps - feel FREE to call or email me if you have any questions.


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please could you help me finding if there are any jews families or a cynagogue, or Habbad in Linjank, me and my husband will be there in an hotel for yom kippur and would like to have the seouda mafseket with them or just the tfila.
thanks for your help
my email is

[email protected]

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