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Foreign DJ price

barshopper (6 posts) • 0

DJ...just bring your ipod and plug it into their facilities. Main thing is that there is a pitch white person (maybe from barock epoque) pretending to be the DJ. Colour Bar...remindes me of one of the best bars in Guangzhou and Shenzhen @True [email protected] ...

Lucifer (3 posts) • 0

Wow! Racism in this field as well.
Why the dj has to be a white? Or american or australian or British? Other countries are there too you know.
I am a dj as well. And not a white.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • -1

lucifer, you will find racism, sexism, ageism, otherism etc everywhere. if you think you are free of it, think again, we are all guilty

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