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KM appropriate fashions - do not want to be mistaken for prostitute

lilibyrd (6 posts) • 0

Hi KMers!

My family lives in KM but we now live in the US. All the times I have visited China were during the winter and how to dress was never really a problem but my grandpa is ill so I am returning asap to spend time with him while he recovers!

Since KM is kind of a tropical city, and I worry about the prevalence of good old air conditioning, can anyone give me pointers on how to dress for everyday and going out? What would be considered scandalous? Bare shoulders? Halter tops? Short dresses to hit the clubs? Don't wanna embarrass the fam if y'all know what I mean!!

AnnAurora (36 posts) • 0

Many Chinese girls in Kunming cover their shoulders. However those are the girls that fancy everything in pink with stones and frills on it. It depends on where you intend to go but I would maybe avoid the deepest cleavages and tank tops. Showing legs on the other hand seem to be no problem.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

Kunming is NOT a tropical city. Not even close (well perhaps close geographically, but not meteorologically - at 2000m above sea level the temperature is fairly mild).

lilibyrd (6 posts) • 0

tiger, you seem to want me to get in trouble!!

AnnAurora, thank you for the advice! Super helpful!

Greg, appreciate the clarification!

AlPage48 (1192 posts) • 0

You're living dangerously by asking a bunch of dirty old men what to wear. Short shorts and mini skirts seem to be the fashion here from what I can see (and I look a lot). Suggest you spend the first day just looking around to get comfortable with what to wear.

Temperatures have been really weird the last week or so. The high temp yesterday was only about 20C while last week it was around 35C, so you might want to pack a few layers (or just go shopping when you get here).

EnglishTeacher (101 posts) • 0

You pretty much can wear anything. You don't have to worry about 'cat calls'. I've seen so many unbelievable sexy women with unbelievable revealing clothes on women here in Kunming and guys don't bat an eye. Some of the things that women wear here would definitely get you into trouble in the U.S.A. It's best as mention to see what the environment is and judge for yourself. Good Luck and enjoy your stay here.

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