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Is Kundu safe?

Krismoonpie (74 posts) • 0

Used to hear about foreigners who went to Kundu and would walk around the busy clubs snatching drinks off of the tables of unwitting customers who had bought a whole case of beer or something. It was things like this as well as douchebags hitting on Chinese guys girlfriends and pissing in DJ booths etc that occasionally get foreigners in trouble in Kundu. If you find yourself in trouble best to apologize and get the heck out.

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

I find that if you ask first and engage people nicely, they will almost certainly offer you some drinks anyway. In fact, they may even offer you many more drinks that you'd like and even the fruit or other food that they've ordered. If you steal a drink from someone's table, then of course you're asking for trouble.

blobbles (957 posts) • 0

I have been there a few times with Chinese friends. I find it to be a little different to western clubs (more tables, less dance floor... due to the owners wanting people to drink more probably = money money come my home!) but still really fun! I don't go to hook up, just for a laugh and a drink. Sometimes I go with my Chinese girlfriend too who I think doesn't really like the atmosphere so much and sees the social pressures there more than me. Every time I go there I TRY to buy some drinks, but usually the people I am with don't allow me to. I have never actually been able to buy a drink yet which for me is quite frustrating and the only really bad part of going.

But other than that, they play dice games and talk shit a lot! Just what I am after! The dance shows that happen are awesome sometimes, I remember one laser light show - a dancer with mirrors over their body playing with the lights - kick ass.

Never felt threatened or anything though, seems to always be lots of happy (sometimes due to alcohol!) people out to have a good time. Quite a few dudes looking to hook up, but you can always tell them by their serious assessing eyes and their over confident attitudes. Same as in the west. This is quite fun to watch sometimes (particularly when one of your friends is a beautiful Chinese girl that is a trained dancer who doesn't mind showing off in front of the crowd!). Chatting to these guys sometimes is a bit of a laugh, they like talking to foreigners usually and it breaks down their barriers a bit.

pushingeast (16 posts) • 0

Kundu is as safe as any other place on earth where people gather to get loaded. Just keep your wits about you. Never start trouble and if you find any just do as others have said, be polite and walk away. If you like to live at night, Kundu IMHO is the best place to do so in Kunming. I just wish there were more options away from the big clubs...

orang_keren (2 posts) • 0

i think it's depends how you behave there.. before i love kundu, but now because the people is not friendly i never go to kundu anymore.. so take care if u guys go to kundu..

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