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Day trips - where to go

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

Recently bought a car.
Where is worth going that is close to Kunming.

I am thinking of places close enough to go for the day or weekend.
I am especially interested in places off the beaten track.

YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

The area around the Haobao Organic farm is nice, 团结乡 Tuan Jie Xiang. Its close to the city but just going a bit furthur than the rest of the cars gets you out and off the beaten track.

The Dali area is an easy weekend trip and with a car you can get away from the tour groups quite easily.

Anning Hot Springs are nice,,but busy,,

MiLe is a good day/weekend trip

Generally driving to the touristy areas and driving 10 mins more is enough to get you off the tourist trail

OceanOcean (1191 posts) • 0

I'm a big fan of GuanDu old town. An easy drive away (SE Kunming area) and lots of places to park. It's pedestrianised, it has a nice park, two old towers (well, one older than the other), a stupa, 2-3 temples and the "world-famous" baba to eat. Best of all, you hardly see any foreigners there and (for now at least) the locals seem kind and curious rather than greedy and jaded. Worth a day trip, I reckon.

XYinKMG (2 posts) • 0

Anning hot springs, Fuxian Lake, Mile are definitely nice places to go. Does anyone have any other suggestion for day or weekend trips around Kunming? We also have our own car and would like to explore more place whenever the weather allows it. If also don't mind if anyone wants to join us. brgds


tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

Niang Niang Shan is in Guizhou, about 4 hrs drive from Kunming. It is a resort, as such, but is set in a beautiful karst landscape and is quiet. There are a couple of hotels and guesthouses, or if you want you can rent chalets. The resort is owned and run by the local villagers who are shareholders, in a co-op type model. The co-op also grows the food for the hotels. It is an interesting development model. It is not too expensive, with hotel rooms around 200-300/night.
There are hotsprings, good places to walk, and the roads are not too busy to cycle. There are bikes to hire.

sethos88 (9 posts) • 0

@yuantongsi I just read that the government took away the certificate of "Haobao Organic farm"because of fraud and that the boss disappeared... what a pity always the same story... Would be happy for a recommendation of organic farming places in yunnan. I know some in Dali...

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