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tacoface (4 posts) • 0

Hi hows it going, I will be in Kunming for about ten days in June. I was wondering would it be a good place to do some clothes. I was thinking of buying a tailor made suite some jeans and hoods and possibly a wet suite. If anyone knows where best to look for this kind of thing in Kunming could you please post up here. Also I have know Chinese unfortunately, so do you imagine I will find it hard to ship this stuff out of the country to Europe.

debaser (635 posts) • 0

Kunming isn't great for shopping. it isn't that cheap compared to other places in China and there isn't the range of discounted items or decent quality fake branded goods that you would find in Shanghai or Guangzhou for example. shenzhen or even guangzhou are much better for tailor made stuff (quality and price) even though you can get it here. as Kunming is a land-locked city, a wetsuit might not be an easy thing to find.

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