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peanut butter?

jonny9 (59 posts) • 0

Anyone know were we can buy unsweetened peanut butter?
Where I come from we never eat that nasty Jiffy icing sugar stuff.

The peanut butter should have either 1 ingredient (peanuts)
or 2 (peanuts and salt). Ideas?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

Not sure what you mean by 'icing sugar stuff'.

I find 'Skippy' OK. Ingredients listed as Peanuts, white sugar and salt. But it does not taste sweet. I have a salt tooth.
Available in most supermarkets.

JessicaBaker (78 posts) • 0

Skippy is terribly unhealthy and full of hydrogenated oils. i just make my own peanut butter by blending peanuts and adding a few drops of honey and water until it is smooth and it tastes great (you could just add salt instead of honey). The only place you will most likely ever find healthy peanut butter is in an import store

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Thanks for the note on Skippy - I've been feeding it to the kids in sandwiches. Guess it's time to shop for a blender...sigh.

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