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Can chinese girl get thai visa?

redmoon (41 posts) • 0

Does anyone know of any recent experiences regarding young, single chinese girls who have been successful in getting a Thai tourist visa?
I've read that Thailand allows visa on arrival for chinese citizens but there seems to be a hitch when attempting to board an aircraft i.e. the chinese won't allow exit from the country without first procuring a visa.
Any dialogue with first hand experience is appreciated.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

tigertiger -redmoon's post is kind of misleading - the issue isn't the Thai visa - the issue is she probably can't leave china WITHOUT the visa. She simply has to go to public security - immigration/emigration control for domestic Chinese and ask. Beijing - this is easy to do. Kunming - dunno, but YES - it looks strange to leave without a destination visa.

cindy_s (7 posts) • 0

Hi redmoon,

No need to worry. As a Chinese girl who have been travel to many countries, I would say that getting a Thai tourist visa is very easy for any Chinese people. Actually, now the popular way to travel to Thailand for us is self-drive tour,and I have many friends on the way in Thailand for their holiday right now.
Can your chinese girls friends use google or baidu? If so,there are a great deal of this sort of topic in Chinese.

The address of Thai Consulate in Kunming is:
电话:(86-871) 316 8916, 314 9296
传真:(86-871) 316 6891
The visa fee was free before. For latest information your friends may call the Thai Consulate(they definitelly speak Chinese) after Chinese new year's holiday, or check their website:
get ready all the documents the Consulate ask for, then go to the address I put above. The Consulate will tell you when you can get your visa. It usally takes three or four days.
If your friends have problem with the process, then go to a travel agency and pay them excess 80yuan or less, that agent will get a visa for you and you do not need to do anything unless paying.
Yes,your friends have to get a visa before they leave if they take airplane. If they drive,then they have to go to the town which they enter to Thailand to get the visa.
Hope I have described clearly.

redmoon (41 posts) • 0

Thank you Cindy! Great information. Do you have any specific travel agency in Kunming that can help her?
Thanks again!

cindy_s (7 posts) • 0

Hi, Before I planned to go Laos I did some search. Seem 康辉旅行社doing this professionally. They got shop on taobao.com. It can be find if you search Thai visa in Chinese on taobao, or just call the 康辉旅行社. Good luck and have a nice travel:)

cindy_s (7 posts) • 0

oh, I just realized that perhaps your friend is not familiar with internet. Here I found the travel agency's link:item.taobao.com/[...]
On the link there's a phone number(13888808002) and address:昆明市官渡区永安路49号康辉旅行社3300. Your friend can just call them.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

"perhaps your friend is not familiar with internet". or international travel. or chinese bureaucracy. can she dress herself?

h/t to cindy_s for the detailed information, but really, it's all blindingly obvious.

cindy_s (7 posts) • 0

What's wrong with people here!

I passed by and saw the topic I just happened to help. The reason I said "perhaps your friend is not familiar with internet" is that there are plenty of information about Thai visa in Chinese on internet. redmoon's friend would not need to ask here if she knows how to use google or baidu.

As a woman who have been to over 20 countries and met thousands people from very different culture, I have to say,the most funny thing is that people who are limited in knowledge and narrow in experience but think themselves smart enought to judge everything.
Out of your personal prejudice and thinking logically, when you cannot get a Thai visa, obviously you should blame Thai bureaucracy but not Chinese bureaucracy alothough everybody hates bureaucracy.

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