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Texas Boy (117 posts) • 0

There are many "kinds" of cowboys.
+ Ranch Cowboy: works with cows, horses, fixes everything on the ranch. Where "educated" folks usually put lots of different letters behind names, the ranch cowboy puts: FFWBR & PGWMT. (FU—er, Fighter, Wild Bull Rider & Pretty Good Windmill Man Too)
+ Feed Lot Cowboy: spends lots of time horseback sorting out cattle (usually steers) among the hundreds being fattened up in the feed lot pens.
+ Rodeo Cowboy: competes in various events in rodeos from calf roping, steer wrestling (bulldogging), to "rough stock" events such as saddle bronc riding, bareback riding and bull riding.
+ Drugstore Cowboy: dresses the part but does not partake in any of the above. Usually known for big hat and little dick.
+ Space Cowboy: also known as "Space Cadet." Usually so high on drugs that he isn't sure himself what he is.

Hope this helps!

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

You mean the "Broke Back" cowboy?

China has cowboys too, right? I've seen the hats for sale around Yunnan.

Y'all forgot the golf cowboys - cowboy hats and golf clubs. And the line-dancin's cowboys (took a long time for them to gain acceptance as "real" cowboys though).

Texas Boy (117 posts) • 0

Figgered that Hot Cowboy 69 wasn't no "Broke Back" cowboy since he wuz advertizin' fer a gal.

Many "regular" cowboys have give line dancin' a whirl or two so guess that's OK

Golf Cowboys, well, guess I ain't seen none

Texas Boy (117 posts) • 0

Seems like we've heard from almost everyone except Hot Cowboy 69. How about it?

And perhaps some of the more experienced folks can answer this question:
"Is night out with dinner, dancing, champagne and others actually cheaper than the whorehouse?"

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