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For Those Who Rail Against Chinese

debaser (647 posts) • 0

So some people (StirFry for example) think we should learn to accept 'trivial' things like spitting in restaurants or leave China. That's a bit extreme isn't it? I like living in China and I have done so happily for a number of years. The vast majority of Chinese people are good, kind and hospitable people with a lot of admirable traits as Ocean said. unfortunately there are a few that aren't (as I said yesterday, the same as anywhere). I will never accept spitting in restaurants but I can live with it and I don't plan to leave anytime soon (but thanks for the advice). 文明城市,文明人

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Standard project management practice is:

If one brings a problem to the table - one should also present a viable solution. If there's no solution - but it really bugs you - why not ask for suggestions from the long-term residents on how to respond hopefully without inciting violence. Hate, rabble rousing, and mob violence and blog flames are easy to incite - but making peace takes effort and benefits all.

Me - I generally hate Kunming taxi drivers and when I'm feeling particularly offended and have the time to waste, enjoy PRETENDING to call the Taxi complaint number, especially when a 4km trip turns into a 15 km trip amongst the plethora of lazy sneaky driver tricks. Look carefully at their license displayed on the dashboard, pretend to memorize the taxi plate number (read the plate number aloud in your best putonghua). Drives the taxi drivers boggy - that ¥2-3k fine for chronic crappy service really throws the fear of economics into them.

And if the driver becomes threatening - just summon the local police over - have them summon their supervisor (since they're not trained for dispute resolution). Make a big event out of it - but ALWAYS be polite and respectful to the supervisor - he/she usually carries a firearm. Make sure you have your passport - just to make sure things don't backfire on you.

colinflahive (167 posts) • 0

I am a Chinese student who just got to America 2 months ago. Now I understand how you all feel.

First, when I arrived, the border police treated me like I was some sort of criminal. They even took me to the back where they searched me thoroughly, never saying things like "please", "thank you" or "sorry." On top of that they fingerprinted me. What kind of welcome is that?

And the people here, I can't believe what they eat. I always thought 100 kilos was fat. Here it seems 100 kilos is the norm and 150+ kilo people are everywhere. It's disgusting. They eat the worst food knowing full well that it will only make them fatter, but they dig in anyway.

And all everyone has to talk about are Obama this... and Palin that... It's like both sides think the world will end with the opposition in power. If this is what is considered a "civil society," then I want no part of it.

Add to all this how Americans don't take care of their parents in old age, how people put their feet on coffee tables with their shoes still on and that Chinese food here wouldn't even pass for garbage back home... it's all starting to drive me a bit crazy.

tiger1986 (43 posts) • 0

Chinese people, and especially in Kunming, are the more delicate and cultured people in whole country.
I really don't understand how could you foreigners, warmly welcomed in the beautiful country of China, scorn so much the magnificent Chinese people habits... =)

zhubajie (57 posts) • 0

When I read the whiny Americans here, I remember why I sometimes used to hide my face when I saw one of my countrymen get on the bus. If seeing someone spit or pee is the worst thing that's ever happened to you....

sophisticate (11 posts) • 0

Perhaps I missed something, but why does everyone seem to think that only (or mostly) Americans are complaining about these things? If I am not mistaken, at least 2 apologists on this thread (and many of the most outspoken Chinese culture apologists on this site), including the OP, are American.

Rick Dicholas (3 posts) • 0

I was recently fondled by a homeless Chinese man while getting innocuously sh*tfaced on the street. I lodged a complaint with him directly, and he laughed at me. I am slowly beginning to understand.

tiger1986 (43 posts) • 0

Exactly I come from SarcastLand hehe
Just after a few years in China, Im blind to their misbehaviour.
But I obviously understand why many new joiners or narrow minded people could live here for years without any improvement of their perception

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