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BMX bike wanted

Stirfry (9 posts) • 0

Hey does anyone know where a good shop is to buy a BMX bike? or does anyone have one they are trying to get ride of? I seen nice BMX bikes around but I havn't seen a store that has much of a selection. Also I wouldn't mind looking into getting a skateboard but I heard it can be pricey to get a board that is any good.

AnnAurora (36 posts) • 0


When I was in Kunming last I became friends with a guy named Alex who owned a bike shop specialising in BMX (at least I think it was BMX). Unfortunally I don't have his cellphone number but his email should be 3711787@qq.com or something like that (I think that's how the qq addresses work). His English is quite good.

Good Luck!

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