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Where to buy a really nice chinese chess?

christoph (3 posts) • 0

I am looking for a really nice chinese chess. So far what I found does not go much beyond what they sell in Carrefour. It should be as beautiful as possible.

Any hints where I could find one would be great!

vexed (31 posts) • 0

You could try the Bird and Flower market.

If not, I saw some really beautiful sets in Lijiang - quite expensive but well made.

John Xie (109 posts) • 0

I don't think you could get any from the bird and Flower market. I guess the item you are looking for is cheese, the dairy product, right? you can find it on the produce market. usually next to a beef stall. too me. the Chinese cheese tasts much better than the regular western cheese. though the milk contents in Chinese cheese is much less.

no way (104 posts) • 0

no, i think he's looking for chinese chest!
head down to green lake or the university area.
there you can see some very beautiful chinese chests!
even kundu, although the chests may be a little slutty....

now that that's out of the way....yes, try the B&F market.
there are a few antique dealers that may have some nice
chinese chess sets. failing that, you could try taobao.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Wuyi lu near the traditional chinese medicine hospital - forget the name. You can buy a nice wooden board with chinese chess on one side and the OTHER chinese chess (Japanese Go) on the reverse. About ¥100 and up depending on the wood quality etc. Just look for places selling walking sticks and dubitable martial arts weapons.

The chess pieces (both chinese chess and the go pieces) vary depending on your pocket book and bargaining prowess - from plastic to wood to stone (most expensive - but nice heft) - the nicer sets go for around ¥300 (I didn't bother to haggle since I wasn't serious about buying...but if they quote ¥300 - you "should" be able to get it down to ¥100-200).

Strange thing about KM shop owners - if you have a trace of foreigner they won't bargain - zilch - I enjoy watching their businesses fold within 6 months and the next bright eyed bushy tailed greedy entrepreneur step into their stall with the same business savvy of the aforesaid stones. Only been here little over a year - seen the cycle 3 times so far - must be bad fengshui...

Happy haggling!

Happy haggling!

christoph (3 posts) • 0

I found pretty nice chess stones near the B&F market, though all boards I have seen are low quality. But I can make the board myself.

Thanks for your help!

JingWei (30 posts) • 0

We sell chinese chess/go board at the game cafe (136 wenlin jie, opposite Prague). We also sell chinese chess pieces and smallish size international chess (ancient chinese warriors pieces). Come have a look, we're pretty reasonable on the price.


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