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Fedex vs. China Post for US Mail

TeacherAshley (21 posts) • 0

I want to send some things back to the US for Christmas. How would you rate the international service options for Fedex vs. China Post? Does one of them have a better price, tracking options, etc.?

Also, since I've never mailed anything from China before, I have a few questions. Do I need to bring my own box or can I buy one there? What I'm sending is mostly souvenir stuff, but is there anything that's not ok to send (beyond the common sense things like weapons, flammables, etc.)? Do I need to bring my passport? Are the forms in English/Chinese or should I bring a Chinese friend to help?

Thanks for your help!

no way (104 posts) • 0

china post is efficient. you can send airmail, surface or SAL.
sent a small box to texas two months ago by SAL, arrived in seven
weeks. mailed a larger box to virginia three weeks ago, also by
SAL. arrived in two weeks. i'm guessing one got loaded on the
airplane, the other went surface. my last package weighed 2.5kg,
postage was 200 RMB.

you can buy a box there for 8-15 RMB depending on size. you can
use your own if outside has no printing. insurance is optional.

souvenir stuff is okay, as is clothing and tea. food is a nono.
also no sending of electronics or dvd's. (if small enough, the clerk
might let you slip something in.) the clerk will check the box before

they seal it. usually will not be allowed to send printed materials like
newspapers, not even as packing material.

forms are in english, you do not need a passport.

tracking on the english webpage here:
once your package reaches beijing airport there will be no updates. you
can use the usps link at the bottom of the page, enter the barcode

number on the postal receipt.

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