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Dim Sum?

TeacherAshley (21 posts) • 0

Are there any dim sum or dumpling restaurants you would recommend in Kunming? I've checked the food listing but only 1 place comes up and there are no reviews. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

(please also list a nearby bus stop or an address)

CaeruleusCaeruleus (46 posts) • 0

The only two decent DimSum places I have come across in Kunming are 新人人海鲜大酒楼 in the South and 深圳酒楼 near the old Kunming Zoo. Most other places seem to let themselves down with poor variety and poor quality seafood.

Not sure on buses, but they are both easy to find on Google maps. I would be interested in trying any other places that people have found with authentic GuangDong DimSum.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

i asked this question 3 years ago: www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/281/dim_sum

i wish i could say that matters have improved, but if they have, i've seen no evidence of it. i keep meaning to try the 深圳酒楼 that Caeruleus mentions, but i've not got around it - it's on the west side of the Panlong River, just south of the Yuantong Jie bridge. please report back if you go.

the place that Ahmet recommended in that related thread is called Lao Dong Zhou Huang 老东粥皇 - it's a chain with several branches. should be in the listings. the dim sum selection is limited, and while acceptable, it's far from stellar.

CaeruleusCaeruleus (46 posts) • 0

Hedgepig, if you really want good DimSum, the best place in town is 新人人海鲜大酒楼. They did a big renovation earlier in the year and the quality of the food seems to have improved a lot after they reopened. It is pretty easy to find south of the intersection of DianChi Rd and HuanCheng Rd.

深圳酒楼 has also made big strides in improving it's quality, but they don't have as big a range of menu items and I personally find the standard of the items they have to be a little lower. For those living in the North or around Green Lake, it can sometimes be a lot more convenient to get to though.

If you have been hanging out for a good DimSum for three years though, forget 深圳酒楼 and head straight for 新人人.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

新人人 sounds like the place that used to have a massive lobster scaling the building... always scared me... i will check it out. thank you :)

opper (52 posts) • 0

I think the best dimsum place is 星港 xinggang. It is near the Walmart around 小西门 - behind the massive flea market area.

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