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Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kunming

jessicantu (2 posts) • 0

hello I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am a

design student studying in England. Our current project is one for the brand 'speedo'. I was wondering if you have any information or views on your swimming pools in your country. Alot of the information I have been reading online has informed me that the pool conditions are poor as well there being a lack of lifeguard supervision. If anyone could get back to me with your opinions this would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Alien (3793 posts) • 0

Can't give you recent information, but in my past experience, in the US pool conditions and supervision is generally pretty good - meaning, well, I can't remember wanting to complain about anything beyond maybe the Ph was not right (too much chlorine), and that they were sometimes crowded. No real problems in Hong Kong or Paris either - I'm a fairly enthusiastic swimmer. Yes of course there must certainly be exceptions to 'good'. Your comment about your reading about pool conditions and supervision is very vague - where is it that all these pool conditions are so bad? And in comparison to pool conditions - where - England? What are conditions that are not 'poor'? Obviously nowhere is anything perfect.

allen999 (2 posts) • -1

This is an expat site. Do you want to know about pools in Kunming or pools in 'my country'.

Kunming has many pools, some nice and well staffed, some old and not so nice. Try being more specific with your questions, you might get some better answers.

Ocean (949 posts) • 0

There are lots of reviews and articles about swimming pools here on GoKunming. Try a quick search.

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