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Smillz (31 posts) • 0

You can buy fresh basil and other herbs at Metro, in the produce department. Pauls Shop also sometimes has fresh herbs, but its hit or miss.

Xiefei (532 posts) • 0

You can buy the seeds at just about any gardening market in Kunming.
The Chinese term for basil is luo le (罗勒), but most gardening places sell it as qu wen cao (驱蚊草)

andrea jonnes (2 posts) • 0

we saw some potted basil outside Paul's shop on Wenhua Xiang, but they wanted 180 yuan for a plant.!
We haven't seen any seeds in the markets though.

lummerlaoshi (130 posts) • 0

We could probably spare a few Basil seeds if you like. My aunt brought some over last month and we won't need all of them. Alternatively, I've seen seeds in the bird and flower market for sure, but I'm not sure if they have basil.

looking (10 posts) • 0

Hey!!! good news!!! I found basil at a very cheap price at the market near LIGONG university on the Northside. The lady is normally at the market around from morn till noon and then 5pm till when the market closes. Ask for basil and they will point you to her as she is the only one who sells them. Hope you find her!!!

spunz (17 posts) • 0

Thanks, looking.

lummerlaoshi gave me seeds and i think i can grow them easily.

Thanks to everybody who answered and helped me


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