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BRAND NEW \ UNLOCKED iphone for sale

micheju (10 posts) • 0

You search for an Iphone?

I am foreigner and i have a student chinese friend who owns a phone shop and sale iphones!
I baught one and i can meet you too show you mine!

This iphone is real one and import so :

- Unlocked ( any country any phone company!)
- Brand new! sale in the box with all cables charger ear phones! never use!

If you are interrestingf just call me!

137 59 48 45 35

The price : 4200 RMB o.n.o.
Price for the 8Gb : 3500 RMB o.n.o.

I ve been searching a lot before and look around the prices will be arround 5000RMB ( chinese version no wifi, lock china unicom!!!!!)

Just call me for more information!

Kiwi3 (61 posts) • 0

Do you think people are stupid? 4200 is the going rate in the electronics market for new a 16GB 3G iPhone.

You also might want to work on your grammar before trying to pass yourself off as a foreigner.

micheju (10 posts) • 0

thanks mate!
I didn t know people were so agressive on this forum but thanks!

first thanks kiwi3 i am french and i think you can t speak french do you? are maybe yes but this is an other english guy who try to shine about his mother tongue language or if not sorry my english is not perfect but sorry nobody can be so perfect as you! ( and no i am not chinese mate! )

Second: 4200 is the going rate for ipod? i ve been searching and it s start arround 4800 and 5000 ok but i said we can talk about the price and not everybody want the hard time try to bargain with sellers who don't speak english and don't really want to give the price cheaper!
And mine is straight going out from the shop so what s the difference?

So i just give this as information sorry if you take it as a scam!
Now if you are not interresting why you are answering?
see you...

tanfei (25 posts) • 0

if you were actually french, you'd have at least a grasp of definite/indefinite articles and usage of the comma and apostrophe.

i'm not saying you're chinese, but you aren't western.

Kiwi3 (61 posts) • 0

Can't blame me for being agressive when you are obviously looking to scam people.

The shops in the electronics market are quite open that their prices are 4,000-4,300, they state this upfront and then don't negotiate, they even have it printed on price lists!

Nowhere did I say anything about my language ability, just calling you on your scam.

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