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Pesach in kunming

gidon (3 posts) • 0

Hi lisa,
pesach is still a bit far off but we will probably have a seder here. we are already planning for Purim - you are welcome to conatct us at 5861400 or lazarustsfat@walla.co.il

gidon and shuli

ChaimFrenkel (2 posts) • 0

I am currently studying abroad in Beijing for the semester, but I am coming to Yunnan on a two week trip during passover. I will be in Kunming for the first days, and I would love to celebrate passover with other people in Kunming. Also, I can bring some food/matzah/whatever from the Chabad in Beijing.

Please let me know whats happening for passover and how I can get involved.



DoctorZ (2 posts) • 0

I am an Israeli-American Jew teaching at a University in North Kunming. Is there going to be a Pesach celebration that my family (wife & 8 year-old daughter) can join? Where & when? 13577100752

JonathanMiller (76 posts) • 0

Am I correct that Passover is 04/11 this year?

It is my favorite holiday and would love to find some people to celebrate with.

We can purchase the goods in HK or Shanghai and have them sent here in advance.

My house can seat six to eight.


HenryBenjy (12 posts) • 0

American Jew chiming in. I'd love to do passover somewhere and would gladly chip in for groceries and other costs.

one five oh eight seven oh five nine four eight four

feel free to message me too!

mayan (4 posts) • 0

hey everybody,
we are going to have a seder in pesah. it will probably be in my apartment on xuefu lu. if you can bring things like matzot and other kosher things from habad, it will be great!

i will post further details when we know better what is the plan.
see you!
maayan (you can call me: 18787055833)

Avi-Baram (2 posts) • 0

I am coming on April 14 from USA to KMG. stay in Kunming.
I am Israeli / USA citizen, and don't want to do the Seder alone.
please email me if you have place like house, hotel, or what ever.
we will be two. me and my GF. (Chinese local)

my email: avibaram@hotmail.com

pamolich (1 post) • 0

I am coming to China for a two week trip and will be in Chengdu on the first night of Passover. I am trying to find a seder to go to. Does anyone have any idea if there is such a thing in this part of China?I see that is a Chabad there. Perhaps I am wrong. Please let me know soon if you do know something.


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