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Xbox Live in China

Missileaneous (2 posts) • 0

Hey, does anyone know if you can use an Xbox 360 and a Live Account from a different country here? Can you connect to the Xbox servers, or do they ban all IP's from here?

Stephenkm (13 posts) • 0

maybe all the ip's banned. some of my friends enjoyed LIVE no more since last year. you can ask some xbox salers about the question. i heard of that some people play games online through XLINK Kai. google it and see if it works

JonathanMiller (76 posts) • 0

All -

Xbox 360 just released its new dashboard!

I am wondering if it is possible to update a modified Xbox to the new dashboard and how.

BTW - I am an Xbox newbie and could use some help someone is willing to come by and assist it would be very much appreciated.

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CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

I never had a problem using xboxlive without VPN-connection and also could play copied games on xboxlive, as long as i did make sure not to update (only if there is a custom firmware for the actual dashboard update) and also check that the copy is agbx-verified. (abgx360.net/)

But also note that the Xbox is not on the market in China, so isnt XboxLive. Thats the reason why you only can buy a japanese Xbox in China.

However, if you play only original games (offline and online) you can use xboxlive without fear. Please note that the box will log games that you play offline also! (means you can get flagged and later if you go online you get banned).

Nice little tool to check if your box is already flagged: blog.planetb.de/[...]

There was no problem to use xbox with flashed DVD-Drive on xboxlive, until now!!! (But i think its just a matter of time and the scene guys will come with a solution)

Read here:


Do Not Go Online – Console will be flagged for ban

Ok, i'm sorry for being a little late on this but this is VERY important. It seems that microsoft released a silent update on the 16th of November and that update is flagging people's consoles. This applies to every console, even if you dont play XGD3 games, this new update is NOT good for your console. IT IS NOT SAFE TO GO ONLINE NOW.

You are not going to be informed about this update. It is done automatically without your knowledge.

Note: If you logged in to xbox live today and now cant play XGD3 games anymore ( getting a disc unsupported message). Your console has been flagged for a future ban.

Stay away from xbox live. Dont play ANY game Online on your console. Wait for further news. I'll keep on searching and will update this post as soon as possible.

EDIT 1 :

Another note. This whole scenerio only applies to people who play games on xbox live or use xbox live in one way or the other. If you never log in to Xlive and will never do so in the foreseeable future, you aren't affected by this update for now.

(Although there is a possibility that future XGD3 games may contain this update. In which case your XGD3 backups can be affected.)

EDIT 2 :

Some of you are still wondering what has happened, so i'll just summarize everything.

What is happening?
On the 16 of november, microsoft released a silent online update for xbox 360 consoles. This update, updates a thing called dae.bin in your console. Dae.bin is a file on your console's hard drive that compiles all anti piracy checks i.e it checks whether your console is using downloaded games ( put extremely simply).

What will happen if you go online?
If you go online, your dae.bin file is going to be updated and your console will be flagged for a future ban.

Why are some of my games working and others not working?
Previously, every console had a single or general dae.bin file. There was only 1 file for every xbox 360 console that checked for piracy. Now, after this update, every console has a different dae.bin file. So every console will react in a different way. For some modern warfare 3 wont work, for others battlefield 3 wont etc etc. This combination will be different for every console.

I didn't log in to xbox live in the last XXX days, What can i do?
STAY OFFLINE. Dont log in to xbox LIVE to do anything. Keep your console offline only until some solution is found.

I logged into xbox live and now some games dont work, What can i do?
Your console has been flagged for a ban, you cant do much now. Just stay offline and wait.......


After i bought a used xbox, with already flashed DVD-Drive but didnt know which flash-version was on... i dived into the world of flashing consoles... very time consuming. And now, i dont have really time to play all the games. ;)

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