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Canadian Indie Rock at On We Go

kickkick (51 posts) • 0


just listened to them on myspace. not really my thing, but i'll take what i can get... even for 50 yuan.

Matthew (73 posts) • 0

uh-oh. did they not show? the gig was listed in several places, including the band's English website (but not on the Chinese - i put this down to the Chinese translation being done up-front and then not updated).

kickkick (51 posts) • 0

yeah, they didn't show. it was definitely listed on their myspace page. the lady on the door didn't ask us for a cover charge, but she did say a canadian band would be playing at 9:30pm. the only entertainment was some kind of open mic/KTV hybrid ft. chinese people playing to four confused foreigners.

Matthew (73 posts) • 0

damn, that sucks. saying at the door that there would be a Canadian band, when presumably they knew fine well that there wouldn't be, is a joke. at least you didn't pay a cover charge.

i've only been along there once (for the Perdel show) and really enjoyed it - the bar has the potential to become _the_ live music venue in Kunming, but it seems there's a ways to go yet.

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