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Let's Remember Where We Are

CalMatt (25 posts) • 0

Hey folks,

I wanted to comment briefly on a bar-fight that occurred Tuesday at Chapter One. The details of the fight aren't important, nor are the players involved.

I think it's pertinent to remember that we as foreigners are here as guests of the Chinese government. Our presence here isn't guaranteed by law, and at any time we can be asked to leave. This has happened throughout Chinese history, in fact, but I digress.

The point is when we behave like animals we show an alarming lack of respect to our hosts. Quite a few foreigners have built lives here with careers, spouses, and children. Whenever something like a fight happens, it casts aspersions on the entire community, fairly or not.

I'm the last person to tell people to cloister themselves indoors and avoid going out and having fun. But the next time something like this happens, I think it's apt to remember that we're not in our home countries, and that frankly that kind of behavior isn't acceptable.

Anyway, I hate to be a nag or a concern troll or what have you. I'm all for people going out and having a good time. But let's not embarrass ourselves, shall we?


CalMatt (25 posts) • 0

One more thing- please avoid using this thread to inquire about what happened exactly, who was involved, who was to blame, or any other details. They aren't important.

freewayxx (12 posts) • 0

I love the people who feel the need to lecture the entire community when a few individuals do something negative. People who state the obvious annoy me to no end.

"The worst vice is advice."

By the way, what happened exactly? Who was involved? Who was to blame? Can anyone give some more details. I enjoy a good drama.

CalMatt (25 posts) • 0

I wish it were as obvious to everyone else as it was to you, then we wouldn't have to worry these things happening. If you enjoy a good drama there are a handful of sewing circles around town that I'm sure could use a new member.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

I'd prefer to think of myself as a guest of the chinese people rather than a guest of the chinese government which has certain other connotations. Don't know who Matt is referring to but perhaps a short stint as guests of the Chinese government might put a swift end to their anti-social behaviour :-)

onomatopoeiaaah (51 posts) • 0

I don't think the locals would be overly outraged by two dudes fighting in a bar. It's a common enough occurance here. I think the fact that it was two Laowai fighting probably just made it a more intriguing spectacle. It's a bit much to suggest that such a minor incident would damage the reputation of foreigners on the whole. It's also somewhat condescending to the locals. I imagine the majority here are not so narrow minded as to judge a whole race based on such a trivial incident. That said, two grown men fighting in a bar is never cool is it? Unless they're dressed as giant squirrels, maybe.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

"I imagine the majority here are not so narrow minded as to judge a whole race based on such a trivial incident"

Suddenly reminded of the nationwide raging francophobia of 2008.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

Funny,, I don't consider myself a guest of the Chinese government but rather a person who is here to work in a supply/demand position. Although it's always kinda embarrasing to end up in a fight I don't think we owe China or the government of China to act better nor worse than the average Chinese person and considering the amount of fights I've seen involving Chinese only then I can't imagine that the occasional drunken brawl between laowais is something that will make a lasting damaging impression.

Now who was it and why? :)

CalMatt (25 posts) • 0

I like the trigger happy TV reference. Maybe we could persuade each bar owner in town to keep animal suits in storage for such occasions?

Good points, and I can see why some of you think it isn't a big deal. You're probably right, but I still think it's worth saying something about it. I spoke to the owner of Chapter that evening and he was shaken and quite nervous by his own admission. I can see why- he's just trying to run a business and doesn't want this sort of thing to happen.

And foreigners are certainly judged for behavior like this. I realize that the booze is cheap and the girls are cute and the life is easy and the weather is great but it's worth keeping in mind that there are likely to be repercussions if people keep treating their time in Kunming like they're on Navy shore leave.

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