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Electronic parts shop in Kunming?

somenick (107 posts) • 0

I am looking for shops that sell electronic parts, by electronic parts I don't mean what you find at a shop like Gome(household electronics). I mean a shop selling capacitors, resistors, PCBs .. etc.
I saw one building in Dalian, many small shops selling the same stuff, cheap.

LaoBenDan (39 posts) • 0

I found a few shops :
Just walk the 一二一YiErYi from the YunNan University towards HuangChengLu 环城路
On your way, not very far,

there is a road on the right hand side called 北门街 BeiMenJie,
the other road is called 圆通路, YuanTongLu

The shops are located close to the 一二一YiErYi crossings.

JanJal (1199 posts) • 0

Might anyone know if above mentioned place(s) still exist, or know of any other brick and mortar store in Kunming for buying/browsing electronic components?

Specifically I'm asking because kid's electric toys have started to break down, and the little engineer is getting old enough to appreciate opening the broken toys and seeing/recycling what's inside. So would like to give him a visit to a shop that sells all that stuff.

lemon lover (986 posts) • 0

The shops mentioned in the original posts from 12 years ago have long since gone. They never were real electronic component shops to start with but just sold some odd computer parts.
Even “Computer street” itself ( BeiMenJie) is only a shadow of what it used to be. As michael2015 said; all this stuff has gone online only.
One online shop that sells simple kits to make your own electronic gadgets is:
Their clocks are quite nice to make:

tigertigerathome (164 posts) • 0

@Janjal. There is a possibility that there are still back street repair shops in Kunming, or one of the suburban villages. If you can find one, at least you and your son could have a mooch around, and see some electronics salvage and repair in action. It would be more informative.

When I lived in the city, there used to be old guys on trikes pedaling around collecting stuff for electrical salvage. They might be a first step on your search to finding a workshop.

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