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Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

JanJal (1228 posts) • 0

Testing stations seem to have changed to a system where swab samples from 10 consecutive individuals are collected in single container, and tested as a whole. If that batch (of individuals that happened to queue together) tests positive, then all 10 are called for individual re-testing.

Or so I was told - sounds a bit weird (knowing TIC), that all 10 have to go queue again, while fully knowing at least one of them was just tested positive.

Perhaps it was explained to me poorly - would make more sense, in local context, for hazmat suits to visit the individuals instead.

I suppose this speeds testing in situation where there aren't that many cases around - and saves resources.

lemon lover (1000 posts) • 0

This is not new. Combined testing has been the norm in all this mass testing. If your batch receives a positive you get an orange code and you have to go for an individual test. These tests are not at the same place so you don’t queue with the general public.

These combination testing is not geared to see if you as an individual have Covid but to see if there is any Covid in the community at large. Combined testing is thus done if it is expected that there is no Covid.

For the period I have some official data, that was September 25 to 28, 6.54 million tests were done in Kunming and all were negative. That means that still 654 thousand batches had to be analysed. Some 220 thousand per day so it is still an enormous operation.

The benefit of combined testing is cost saving. You can get an individual test as well but they cost 16 kuai.

So be happy that there is combined testing because basically it means that there is no Covid.

For the official report quoted above see:

JanJal (1228 posts) • 0

Oh OK, makes more sense then.

In the past there were two guys at the counter, one reading QR and other taking sample. Wasn't paying attention how they use the bottles - I assumed they bottled each sample individually.

But today they separately scanned QRs and handed out empty container (I assume) to every 10th individual earlier in the queue, and that person would then carry it to the testing station.

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