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Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

fabey (124 posts) • +1

Kunming now over 40 cases. Being monitored are >1,000 primary risk contacts, ~3,000 secondary at-risk contacts.

Kunming residents arriving in other provincial cities will be quarantined.

Travelers from Tibet, Sichuan, and Guizhou arriving in Kunming will be quarantined for 7 days.

Some good news: international flights from Kunming to HK and Bangkok have resumed after over two-year hiatus.

fabey (124 posts) • +1

101 buildings in Kunming were in lockdown as of yesterday, including three swaths of neighborhood villages "." Lockdown strictness vary.

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

@Fabey: "Kunming residents arriving in other provincial cities will be quarantined."

Care to clarify whether this refers to other cities in Yunnan province, or cities in other provinces?

livinginchina (232 posts) • 0

My wife's brother went fishing in Anning. He lives near DaGuanLou. He has been there for 4 days because his QR turned yellow. He hasn't returned yet. My guess is he'll be for 7 days. Who know? It's all a ball of confusion.

CaeruleusCaeruleus (51 posts) • 0

@JanJal: I have been traveling around the Lincang and Pu'er regions of Southern Yunnan for the last few days and haven't had a problem with Kunming being on my health app. Passed through multiple checkpoints along the road without issue. I did a PCR test before leaving Kunming and did another on the side of the road at a stop last night. All very straightforward.

fabey (124 posts) • 0

@JanJal To reiterate, Kunming residents leaving Yunnan to other cities are placed in quarantine. Whether this policy will strictly be enforced is another issue.

Contrary to @Caeruleus' post, i've heard issues for intra-province travel for cities within Yunnan depending on which high-risk area within Kunming one departed from.

@livinginchina My understanding is Anning's covid situation is also serious as some factories were under lockdown. Hope your brother-in-law caught a big fishy.

fanghuo (14 posts) • 0

Today saw what it's like for folks not hooked up with current tech. Went with my wife's elderly parents for PCR test. Baba has cell phone but no money link to WeChat. Mama has flip phone but no cell. Baba paid cash, my wife used her own phone on Mama's behalf, will get results on her own cell. Complicated immensely, finally got through everything in 20 minutes, fortunately queue was short.

On a recent trip outside Yunnan, my wife had to register the PCR test on her own cell on my behalf. Later realized my cell couldn't do it because I forget to shut down vee pee en.

livinginchina (232 posts) • 0

My wife took the bus and no 'covid test' required. She then transfer to the train and no 'covid test' required. What's going on. Yesterday she took the covid test to be prepared to take the bus and train today. Turns out she didn't need it. What a waste.

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

@fanghuo: "folks not hooked up with current tech"

Beside elderly, these complications also apply to cases of young children that are not yet hooked to cellphones.

At least I think that when we get tested, my wife uses her phone to handle both herself and our son, and can produce separate health certificates from her phone when needed.

Despite declining birth rate, there are still so many kids around that it has to (and appears to) work smoothly.

I suppose elderly can be handled in similar dependent manner when needed. Problems may relate to establishing that an individual is really dependent that way, as it deals with personal boundaries a bit (even here).

Apparently within city's public transport young children (ours is 5yr, don't know where it caps) can travel without showing negative PCR result, just the accompanying adult needs to show theirs. Practical, but certainly illogical considering that the kids usually mingle more with their peers than most adults (in kindergartens, playgrounds etc).

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