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Devin (1 post) • 0

Hey everyone!

My wife and I are thinking of making a trip some time in the near future to Yunnan province. I spent 6 months there before, and I loved it! I would like to show her around, but she has Chron's disease. Does anyone know of any doctors or hospitals throughout Yunnan that could care for her if needed?


JanJal (1235 posts) • 0

Cannot vouch for any specific hospitals or doctors, but given the usual symptoms of said disease I would think carefully the details of the trip. Much depends also on your Chinese proficiency.

if you would be road tripping to all the typical destinations scattered around Yunnan, finding (in western terms) adequate hospitals wherever you go is probably too much to hope for. Long bus trips alone could be trouble.

If you stick to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Jinghong, all of which are nowadays accessible by high-speed trains, and only do short daytrips from these cities, it may be doable.

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