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Apparently I’m not vaccinated anymore?

Mrkdlkcn (1 post) • 0

Has anyone else’s green code stopped showing the green shield and says that you’re not vaccinated? We were vaxed back in August, but now it’s like it never even happened.

livinginchina (230 posts) • 0

I just checked mine at 10:20 a.m. and all is well. However, when they first started putting the 'vaccinated' status, it would change to 'unvaccinated' and then back to 'vaccinated'. My guess was they were working out the kinks. Maybe that is what is happening. My suggestion is check back a little later.

AlPage48 (1374 posts) • 0

When I scan in AliPay I get the green health code.

The shield is no longer showing.
However, when I scan in WeChat it specifically says "unvaccinated" because of course WeChat still does not recognize my new passport number.

JanJal (1228 posts) • +1

My AliPay appears to not show the green shield either anymore. Just a rectangular QR code. WeChat still not working for this at all - does not accept my name in any known format.

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