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Teaching in Kunming/China

JanJal (1243 posts) • +1

Agreed. There will be lot of such opportunities for different types of foreigners who are already legally here, and would not be risking that legal stay by engaging in such activities.

Foreign students, workers and other temporary RP/visa holders doing it without formal agreement between their institutions and PSB would be breaking immigration laws.

But permanent residency holders, and those holding Chinese nationality in addition to a nationally perhaps recognized elsewhere. No formal permits, employment, or qualifications needed.

Speaking of which, does China have some minimum age to let children make pocket money from things like baby sitting or... hmm, I don't know, play dating? I'm thinking it's time for the four year old to start contributing. Won't be playing games anyway.

bubblyian (102 posts) • +1

Don't worry! It's only for teaching kids during their compulsory 9 years - so primary school and middle school! Older teenagers and adults can still be taught!

livinginchina (232 posts) • -2

Primary schools and middle schools are the money makers. How many teenagers/adults want to learn English? My guess is not very many. Ha.Ha.

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

It is entirely possible that these bans will eventually extend to also adults, but my understanding is that for the time being this is not the case.

And that leaves one group of adults in the market - parents and would-be parents, who want to tutor their own children themselves.

In Chinese commentary related to these regulations it has been stressed that parenting is still allowed. It might be a dangerous leap for the powers to be to interfere, now, in what (non-political) adults do with their time, or how they raise their children.

So throw courses to these parents instead of their children. Refresh some things they may have forgotten from their school years and print some material to take home.

livinginchina (232 posts) • 0

These days there are so many options to self learning for those (kids and adults) that

'really' want to. I remember 15 years ago there wasn't so many electronic learning tools such as flashcards, learning apps, dictionary apps, etc. You really have to have a 'drive' to 'stick with it' on your own but it can be done. There are many videos online that teach you from A-Z (languages, cooking, dancing, playing an instrument,etc.) there's really no excuse except your 'will'

and 'drive' to learn.

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