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Healthcode QR status change.

livinginchina (231 posts) • +1

Okay now it says 'vaccination completed' again. I took a screen shot and saved it on my phone just in case it reverts back. Ha. Ha.

JanJal (1235 posts) • +1

I had not been anywhere beyond walking distance for some time, mainly thanks to revelation that home delivery from Metro is cheaper than subway trip there.

Then yesterday went on a multi-stop subway/office trip. Arriving to local subway station, the healthcode app in AliPay notified "Health Information Has Expired", and required declaring again. Filled everything like before, including "No" to "Current Symptoms".

However, when I clicked to submit it, the app complained about "Current Symptoms" not being filled in properly.

This happened constantly - luckily wife was with me to explain the problem repeatedly at half a dozen checkpoints within the morning, usually twice because the first guy couldn't solve it and forwarded us to second guy who wasn't any smarter about it.

Today evening I checked from comfort of home, and this time it worked.

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