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Second Vaccine time!

livinginchina (168 posts) • +1

No much thought is put into these apps when making them 'dual language' capable.

BTW for those that haven't received their second shot, you have until the 9the to get it.

YerethYereth (106 posts) • 0

AlPage48; To update my WeChat to my new passport number I had to disable all automatic payments (such as Didi) I allowed before one by one and remove my WeChat pay account entirely. Make sure to transfer your remaining balance before that time if you're doing this.

After that I redid the entire verification process, which requires a bank card and required me to use my name as written on my bank account, which is different from how it shows on my passport.

I now have an updated passport number but of course still no vaccination status in WeChat.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

I’ve managed to update my passport number in Alipay, but when I scan the QR code from Alipay it still returns the health code with my old passport number

livinginchina (168 posts) • +1

These app programmers are horrible. When you switch to 'English' almost half of the stuff is still in Chinese! WTF! You would think with all the English teachers and translation apps/program available they would learn how to program the English version into ALL ENGLISH. Ha.Ha.

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

@livinginchina The apps could have more english translation in them, but on the other hand... how much non-chinese speakers are using them? Another option would be to learn some chinese, so your nickname would even lives up to it. ;) My Wechat-app doesn't show the shot, the Alipay one shows it.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

One major problem with these apps, aside from the language, is that they don't take into account that foreigner's ids (passport numbers) are subject to change.
Right now my AliPay profile shows my new passport number, but when I scan the QR health code it returns info with my old passport number.

How is that possible?

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

@AlPage48 I had so much problems with my passport number in China on different occasions that i lost count. But as for the Alipay app, that's a bug. Fortunately it has my actual Passport number in it, but all other informations are wrong. Tried to update them, it showed information successful changed, but afterwards shows the same information as before.

livinginchina (168 posts) • 0

My comment about the language thing was a general statement seeing that China wants to promote itself internationally. Getting this app working properly would be a good start to avoid confusion and backlog.

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

@livinginchina I understood your point, no offense. Just watching how the big players (Didi and friends) are handled going to market overseas at the moment, i doubt that there will be any big impact by these companies outside mainland China in the near future... hence no real need to improve the english. ;)

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