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Metro Shopping Center (North 北辰)

livinginchina (231 posts) • -1

Today( 7-7)we went to Metro on 北京路 (北辰) and to our surprise, now there's a 199.00 yuan membership fee per year. We hadn't been there for about 2 months or so. You can not enter without signing up. The membership has discounts perks. They also have about 8 self check-out machines. You download the app and then you can scan and pay ONLY with Wechat (no credit cards the lady said). The membership is good for you and your spouse (don't know if that may include your adult children). My wife added me on her account. Another thing we notice is that there was very few people buying stuff. Metro use to always be crowded. Maybe people are resisting paying for the membership fee.

AlPage48 (1392 posts) • 0

That's a nuisance.

I've noticed on my last few visits that their are fewer checkouts open, but almost nobody at the self-checkout counters.
Wal-Mart has also put in those self-checkout counters and cut their cashiers back to near nothing.

I can't use them without a translator.

WeChat only payment also means many seniors can't use them because they don't have smart phones.

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