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Work Visa issuance in Yunnan

MikeMiller (1 post) • 0

Hi everyone, I want to confirm that is there anyone who got new work visa from Yunnan government during this year and traveled from abroad to Yunnan (not inside China)?
My employer continuously telling me that new work visas are not issued and there is no policy for foreigners who are currently in foreign countries.
I'm specifically asking the visa issues relative to Yunnan

Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.


AlPage48 (1392 posts) • 0

For a person who is currently overseas they would need to deal with the Chinese embassy/consulate in that country.


The Chinese embassy webpages abroad continue to say they are issuing work visas but require the Chinese vaccine, which is not available in many countries, like USA, Canada, UK, etc.

I've heard that they will accept Pfizer and Moderna in USA but their website is not updated to reflect that so it may be true or not.

tigertigerathome (170 posts) • 0

In order to apply for you Z visa in your home country you will need an Foreign Employment Permit or Foreign Experts Permit. These are issued by the Chinese government, and I believe (although stand to be corrected) that these are no longer issued by the provinces. The days of individual provinces doing their own thing have passed. Applications for permits may be processed by the province but then get passed to Beijing.

This application to the relevant government office is made by your employer. If the employer says that they cannot get one, they cannot get one.

I am not sure of the exact situation now, but last time I heard, 'residence permits for the purpose of work' (often referred to as the work visa) were only being renewed for those already in China.

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