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lemon lover (916 posts) • 0

Very interesting article by Lee Tau. The only problem is that it is all bullshit. The places named do not exist, at least not in Yunnan.

Fresh seafood by definition does not exist in Yunnan because Yunnan is land locked. I never met anybody that came to Yunnan to go fishing. The only fish in the lakes is muddy carp and you can find those all over China.
Looks like somebody is experimenting with a “Random Bullshit Generator” again.

Ricklane (9 posts) • 0

Yeah, doubtful many travelers to Yunnan this labour day holiday are bringing their freshwater fishing rods. Maybe more to Hainan due to less salt-water fishing restrictions.

Fishermen in Yunnan lakes/ponds seem to be mostly locals. Local hobbyists would fish illegally despite conservation laws that prohibit fishing to protect & restore the lakes' ecology. In these areas, local fishermen who depend on the trade for their livelihood would take out their fishing boats in the darkness of night to avoid prying eyes.

Fun facts. According to aggregate customer data from Trip.com (via bookings of hotels & airlines), the top four 5.1 destinations in Mainland China are Sanya, Tibet, Lijiang, and Kunming, respectively. Purportedly a record number of travelers for this wuyi break. Less international outbound flights with more pent up travel demand as many opted from returning home during the previous Chinese Lunar New Year break a few months back. So expect more traffic in town rolling their suitcases in the next few days.

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