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Power of Attorney

duke is me (61 posts) • 0

Is anybody aware of an office in KM, with address, which processes power of attorney forms?

This would be specifically for banking.. Thank you.

JanJal (1179 posts) • 0

For our company registration and subsequent administrative functions, we've had to prepare power of attorney documents on number of occasions, but I don't recall it ever requiring notarization or other official thing - and I believe it is notarization that you are looking for.

Self-written, signed and stamped A4, and our bank and other offices have been fine with it.

But perhaps your purpose for this is different, and it will require notarization - or even legalization elsewhere, if it is for international purpose.

For some personal documents that have required notarization, the office we have used is this:


duke is me (61 posts) • 0

A power of attorney document for overseas banking would no doubt need to be notarized, but first I need the document.. Surely it requires a specific form, rather than a hand-written A4?

JanJal (1179 posts) • 0

Based on my experience, as long as the text content contains all the needed information in readable form, the form(at) is not so important.

But I do assume you'll be better off with a printout from Word or whatever, rather than hand-written...

AlPage48 (1335 posts) • 0

Did you inquire at the bank to see if they have generic PA forms?

Back in my younger days (in Canada) I worked in a bank and we did have those things.

duke is me (61 posts) • 0

That will be a good back-up plan, AlPage48..

First I will try an online form, a memory stick, print & notarize at the office which JanJal recommended..
Thanks for the suggestion, & good luck with your visa situation..
I am still being deported, sometime this decade..

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