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COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

the_zoologist (4 posts) • 0

Thanks, most of my foreign colleagues got it (two sessions were organised, but not everyone was told first time, and I was away second time) now they only seem to be doing second doses in our prefecture

AlPage48 (1294 posts) • 0

My wife went for her second shot this morning at Yan'an Hospital.

I asked her to ask the doctor about shots for foreigners.

She was told:
1. Beginning July 1st and
2. Must be under age 60 (working age) and
3. Must have the Chinese insurance.

That leaves uninsured seniors like me out of luck for now.

michael2015 (733 posts) • 0

Not sure if this still exists - but there was once a time when one could purchase health insurance for foreigners from Chinese insurance companies.

JanJal (1135 posts) • 0

Probably they want it to be the medical part of employers' social insurance contribution, not a commercial insurance.

Curious why though - if it is about state paying for the vaccination, then I'd expect a "customer" paying instead (however much is needed) to be fine.

So I suspect it is about wanting to limit legal issues arising from possible rare side-effects or other accidents.

Tom69 (142 posts) • 0

I'm curious here - is getting a Covid-19 vaccine now mandatory for foreigners to be issued or renew a work permit? I haven't found anything to corroborate this, but a reply on page 7 seems to imply this.

lemon lover (956 posts) • +1

Got my second Covid shot today.

Was informed that foreigners with a permanent residence permit can get their shot as per last week already. I have a PRP.
Never was asked for payment or insurance and I am above 60.

AlPage48 (1294 posts) • 0

That's great.

Can you give a bit more information?
How do you define "permanent residence permit"?
You're over 60 but are you under 70?
Where did you get the vaccination?
What documentation did you need to provide to get the shot?

My wife was told at the hospital that Chinese citizens over 70 are still being deferred and also that NO foreigners are receiving the vaccine.

It sounds like different hospitals/clinics are receiving (or hearing) different instructions.

lemon lover (956 posts) • +1

"permanent residence permit" is revered to by some as the Green Card.
I am under 70.
Last shot at BOYA (Yunnan Boya Hospital). That is the same place where the international clinic is located on Guangfu Lu near the International School and the Aegean Shopping Centre. But any vaccination station should do.
Permanent residence permit ID card is the only thing needed.

Ricklane (34 posts) • 0

Great info lemon. Congrats again, as the 2nd dose beefs up your antibody response by multiple folds for Chinese vaccines based on above-mentioned non-domestic, clinical trial data.

So second dose after 25 days from your first, not "42 or 56 days" as previously instructed. Yunnan health ministry has been sending out SMS in recent days reminding folks to receive 2nd jab after "21 days." Probably best not to spread out after 40-50 days. Would've been the case, and understandably so, had there not been enough vaccines to go around. Vaccine supply challenges seem to be more manageable as of late.

@AlPage, hospitals receiving different instructions shouldn't come as a surprise. Long-time Kunmingers would go as far as to say front desk/cashier/pharmacists/nurses/doctors in the same clinic, let alone same hospital, may receive different instructions. As per lemon's account, PRP alone is an improvement from hospital guanxi of knowing someone from the inside, and/or being insured, in order for a foreigner over 60 to get vaccinated. Rooting for you.

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